Condensing Vapor: AHP-470CP in Laboratory Reactor Instrumentation

condensing vapor   cooling vapor stream

In a chemical process (catalysis), the customer uses several TECA Model AHP-470CP Cold Plates to condense methanol out of a vapor stream and collect liquid in the 100 mL glass vessels shown. The AHP-470CP offers a convenient small size and is customizable to the end user’s needs.

Please see the “Options” section on the product data sheet to learn more.


ATM Kiosk Cooling:

TECA Model AHP-1200FFHC was chosen by our customer to provide thermal management to an ATM kiosk.

ATM Kiosk cooling   ATM Kiosk cooler

Electronics components often require cooling AND heating. The TECA cooler provides both heating and cooling to the kiosk. This ATM kiosk will be installed in dozens of locations with the TECA air conditioner, AHP-1200FFHC.

Thermoelectric technology is a reliable and low maintenance way to protect electronics. Utilizing the Peltier effect, TECA enclosure coolers (and heaters) do not require coolant, chemicals, compressor or filter.


Kiosk Cooling:

kiosk cooling   kiosk cooler
A company specializing in fleet management and motor pool software required multiple outdoor, self service kiosks to be placed in various environments throughout the USA. TECA’s AHP-470XEHC thermoelectric air conditioner is an ideal solution, providing needed cooling to sensitive parts within the sun-exposed kiosk. The AHP-470XEHC air conditioner cools the kiosk without taking up much space and it is suitable for various environments including NEMA-4 enclosures. Heat/Cool is optional, as are external covers for aesthetic purposes.

Whether space is restricted inside or outside your kiosk, TECA offers three mounting styles for kiosk cooling: Through, Internal and External.


Outdoor Kiosk Cooling:

outdoor kiosk cooling   Peltier enclosure cooler
TECA Model AHP-1200XE air conditioners cool over 30 outdoor electronic information kiosks in dozens of State Parks in the U.S. Our customer launched the first electronic interpretive information program specifically designed for visitors to a State Park system by implementing the kiosks.

This award-winning project has received significant attention across the country and TECA is proud to be part of it. The AHP-1200XE can be customized to fit your kiosk’s needs.

Cooling NEMA-4 Enclosures: Expanded product line

Cooling NEMA-4 Enclosures: Expanded product line

Customer response to TECA’s smaller, AC-input enclosure coolers has been so positive that we have expanded the line to include even more solutions for enclosures requiring NEMA-4. Available in two mounting styles (through and flush mounted) the expanded line adds to our NEMA-4 products for applications requiring less than 125 watts of cooling.

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Improved Design: Stir, Cool & Heat Samples

Improved Design: Stir, Cool & Heat Samples

Ideal for laboratory, quality control testing and R&D applications, TECA is pleased to announce a second-generation redesign of our popular AHP-301MSP Magnetic Stirring Hot/Cold Plate. Choose the Cold Shoe configuration and use with multiple beaker sizes on the same sleeve platform. Good thermal contact will be maintained via gap pads. Or, use the Ice Bucket configuration to create a cold or hot bath for your samples without the mess of water or ice.

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