ATM Kiosk Cooling:

TECA Model AHP-1200FFHC was chosen by our customer to provide thermal management to an ATM kiosk.

ATM Kiosk cooling   ATM Kiosk cooler

Electronics components often require cooling AND heating. The TECA cooler provides both heating and cooling to the kiosk. This ATM kiosk will be installed in dozens of locations with the TECA air conditioner, AHP-1200FFHC.

Thermoelectric technology is a reliable and low maintenance way to protect electronics. Utilizing the Peltier effect, TECA enclosure coolers (and heaters) do not require coolant, chemicals, compressor or filter.

AHP-1800 Series

Thermoelectric Air Conditioner

Cooling Industrial and Military Enclosures NEMA-4/4X, NEMA-12, Hazardous Location CID2 & CID1, Harsh and Mil Duty 1098 BTU/HR (322 watts), AC or DC Input Voltage:

For cooling and heating NEMA-12/4/4X cabinets, the AHP-1800-Series is an important and incredibly popular legacy product for climate control. The AHP-1800-Series is a Peltier air conditioner designed to protect electronics equipment boxes from overheating. Thermoelectric cooling technology reliably cools (or heats) your enclosures to protect electronic controls, electrical equipment, control cabinets, and other heat sensitive equipment.

This thermoelectric cabinet cooler accepts 24 vdc, 48 vdc, 120 VAC and 240 VAC input. It can cool while maintaining environment ratings: NEMA-12/4/4X, Harsh/Mil Duty, and Hazardous Locations CID1/CID2. Protect against equipment failure due to overheating. Choose low maintenance TECA air conditioners for superior performance and reliable climate control.

• Compact, (18” L X 12.35” W X 9.69”D)
• Excels in high ambient temperatures
• Environmentally Safe
• Dual voltage versions available, consult factory.
• No compressor, fluorocarbons or filters
• Virtually maintenance-free operation
• Stainless steel exterior housing
• Versions to withstand corrosive environments,
shock and vibration
• Mounts and operates in any orientation
• Easy to use Pivot Clean feature
• Weight 52 LBS.
• Agency approvals: ETL Intertek


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