Industrial Heating and Cooling Plates

Three new families of solid state cold plate coolers offer the largest standard selection of high efficiency and high performance in the same compact size available. TECA’s newest thermoelectric cold plate products continue to provide reliable and maintenance free direct contact heating and cooling for general use in many industrial and OEM applications. No matter if it’s high delta T, high capacity or high efficiency cooling plates, these new products should meet your varied needs.

ahp-450cp  pic ahp-450cp air

The AHP-400, 500 and 600 series of solid state cold plates heat and cool via reverse polarity of the input voltage using thermoelectric (Peltier) technology. Performance ratings range from 68 watts and 1.8 COP to 163 watts and .57 COP with many selections in between offering superior performance and reduced operating costs in one convenient package. Stocked configurations are for NEMA 12 environments with various mounting methods, hardware and 4 surface taps as standard features. They are all easily customized to meet your needs: tap pattern, mounting method, orientation, voltage, control and operating environment.

These cold plates can become a workhorse in many of your thermal platform applications performing brute force heating/cooling or fine temperature control of process loads, test samples, flows and electrical components in production, product testing, process management or quality control. They can easily be included in your products layout whether that is in an enclosure, on a test platform or part of an industrial process.

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