High-Temperature AHP-301CPV

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Increased versatility in a smaller footprint! TECA is pleased to introduce a high-temperature version of the AHP-301CPV Cold/Hot Plate, which can heat up to +120C. The AHP-301CPV is the smallest of our laboratory cold/hot plates and is perfect for compact bench-top applications. It includes all of the convenient features of our larger Laboratory Cold/Hot Plates: integral temperature controller, data logging software, internal-to-external temperature switching and RS-232 communications.

High-Temperature AHP-1200CPV

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Our line of CPV “versatile” cold/hot plates just got a little more versatile. TECA now offers high-temperature configurations of the AHP-1200CPV Cold/Hot Plate. The high temperature plates can heat to up to +120C. The standard features which make all of our Laboratory Cold/Hot Plates so versatile are of course still included: integral temperature controller, data logging software, internal-to-external temperature switching and RS-232 communications.

Laboratory Cold/Hot Plate with Extended Temperature Range

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TECA’s Low-Temperature Cascade systems can also heat! Now with high temperature versions available, a cascade system can boast as wide a range as -50C to +150C (AHP-1200C31). A hinged cover is included as is an integral rear panel to provide power and control to the top of the cascade. As in all of our Laboratory Cold/Hot Plates, RS-232 communications and data logging software are standard.

New Flush Mounted FHP-2200 Series Air Conditioner

Continuing our line of high-performance, high-efficiency air conditioners, TECA is excited to release the FHP-2200 series. The FHP-2200 models are to date the largest flush-mounted thermoelectric air conditioner currently available on the market, with up to 1,875 BTU/HR of cooling capacity.

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TECA Introduces LHP-1200CPV

TECA introduces it’s LHP-1200CPV and LHP-1200CAS liquid cooled systems for ultra-low temperature applications.

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Cool components, materials, chemicals and more to as low as -70 °C with TECA’s new Liquid-Cooled Cascaded Cold Plate System. The LHP-1200CAS Models offer versatile direct contact cooling on your bench top. Three plate sizes and performance levels are available. Insulating cover, remote sensing ability, RS-232 and data logging software are included.

New AHP-6200 Series high capacity air conditioner

TECA Corporation introduces the AHP-6200 series, the newest member of our “Green Zone” air conditioners, offering up to 5,200 BTU/HR of thermoelectric cooling performance! This is the highest performance, commercially available thermoelectric air conditioner in the world, offering almost 60% more performance than the largest competing model. This achievement, combined with the high standard of Green Zone efficiency ratings, will allow for the broader use of thermoelectric air conditioners in many industries.

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New AHP-4200 Series thermoelectric enclosure cooling system

Continuing its industry leadership TECA introduces the AHP-4250 family of thermoelectric air conditioners. The AHP-4250 family boasts a capacity of 3600 BTU/HR, the highest performance commercially available thermoelectric air conditioner in the world. Styles from the Green Zone side of the family have efficiencies approaching 100%. Both styles come standard with TECA’s unique Eco-Mode TC-4F control which helps save energy by limiting the need for active cooling from the thermoelectric modules when it’s not needed.

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TECA Introduces AHP-2200 & AHP-3200 Series thermoelectric enclosure cooling systems

TECA introduces two new thermoelectric air conditioner series. The AHP-2250 and AHP-3250 boast high performance and efficiency. A unique heat exchanger mode helps save energy by limiting the need for active cooling from the thermoelectric modules. For example, the AHP-3250 uses 83% less energy in heat exchanger mode than it does in active-cooling mode. Performance ratings are the highest of any thermoelectric air conditioner currently on the market. The AHP-3250 offers 2600 BTU/hr (762 watts) cooling and 3750 BTU/hr (1,100 watts) heating capacity.

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Magnetic Stirring Cold Plate

This video introduces TECA Corporation’s unique new product which allows for uniform heating and cooling of fluid via thermoelectric technology.

The AHP-800MSP Magnetic Stirring Cold/Hot Plate boasts adjustable features: stir bar speed, fan speed (for noise reduction) and temperature control (internal or external sensing). Optional sleeves make it adjustable for use with standard bottles and beakers or custom-diameter vessels. Applications include titration testing, testing of specimens, drugs and industrial chemicals and process testing in industrial or laboratory environments.

Largest Thermoelectric Cold/Hot Plate

TECA introduces our largest heating and cooling plate. The AHP-1800CPV joins the VERSITILE family of laboratory solid-state cold plates (see also AHP-301CPV and AHP-1200CPV). The anodized aluminum plate surface is 13.3” x 12.8”. Like all of our VERSITILE cold plates, the AHP-1800CPV heats and cools with precision via the integral, tunable TC-4300 temperature controller. RS-232 communications and ”EasyLog” data logging software are included to run and chart multi-segment ramp/soak profiles. Integral or remote temperature sensing is possible with the flip of a switch. Universal 100-240 VAC input allows for the AHP-1800CPV to be integrated anywhere.

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