New Flush Mounted FHP-4200 Series Air Conditioner

Continuing to expand our flush mounted thermoelectric air conditioner options, TECA introduces the FHP-4250 and FHP-4252 Models. The FHP-4252 offers 3,615 BTU/hr cooling capacity- the most of any flush mounted thermoelectric air conditioner available at this time.

fhp-4200 pic

When enclosure space is sparse, a flush mounted air conditioner is the perfect solution. TECA’s new flush mounted thermoelectric air conditioners mount externally with no intrusion into the enclosure. No additional frames or flanges are needed. An environmental gasket and hardware are included to preserve the enclosure’s environmental integrity (closed loop cooling).

The FHP-4250 and FHP-4252 (like many TECA air conditioners) include the energy saving Eco-Mode which cools using significantly less energy than the active mode. In Eco-Mode, the FHP-4252 cools using 77% less energy.

TECA’s newest flush-mounted thermoelectric air conditioners are configured for environments including NEMA-12, NEMA-4 and NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment. Customization is available.

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