Universal Input Enclosure Coolers

3 Mounting Choices for Universal Input Enclosure Coolers:

TECA’s newest enclosure cooler supporting Universal Input is now available. The FHP-2259 Model is a flush mounted design for use in enclosures where internal intrusion of thermal management equipment is not desired. The FHP-2259 is the first flush mounted product to join TECA’s collection of universal input thermoelectric air conditioners. Internal and through mount designs are also available.

Universal Input Enclosure Coolersuniversal input enclosure air conditioneruniversal input panel cooler


TECA’s electronics cooling thermoelectric air conditioners in this collection maintain NEMA-12/NEMA4/NEMA4X and accept 90-264 VRMS. The universal input feature makes these enclosure coolers useful for worldwide use and offers more flexibility for the end user.

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