Largest Cold/Hot Plates Updated with PWM Temperature Controller

TECA’s largest cold/hot plates, the AHP-1800CPV (single plate) and AHP-1200DCP (dual plates each with independent temperature control) are recently updated to include a new PWM temperature controller. It includes fan speed control which enables the Cold/Hot Plates to slow the fans automatically, reducing noise, as the unit reaches its set point. Another added benefit is that there are now four independent PID settings for different temperature ranges. USB communication port is included and Labview VI examples are available.

ahp-1800cpv pic ahp-1200dcp pic

The AHP-1800CPV is the largest cold/hot plate on the thermoelectric market. It has a plate size of 13.30″ x 12.80″ and is ideal for direct-contact cooling and heating in R&D, quality control, manufacturing, laboratory and life science applications. The AHP-1200DCP is a dual cold/hot plate. Each plate is 13.30″ x 6.37″ and each plate has its own temperature controller.

This product has been used successfully in thermal preference research studies.

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