RLC-900 & RLC-1800 Liquid Chillers Redesigned

Rack Mounted Liquid Chiller Models RLC-900 and RLC-1800 are newly redesigned. The water fittings are now in the front as well as the back with the convenience of the end user in mind. Whether the chillers are mounted internally or externally, the user can access water inlet and outlet hoses from either end of the chiller. This can help save space, makes the chiller easier to use and increases the versatility of the product.

rlc-1800 pic

Also new to the updated design in the inclusion of a Pulse Width Modulating (PWM) controller. It includes fan speed control which enables the chillers to slow the fan automatically, reducing noise, as the unit reaches its set point. Another added benefit is that there are now four independent PID settings for different temperature ranges. USB communication port is included and Labview VI examples are available.

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