Low Maintenance Cooling Just Got Easier:

Across industries, TECA’s reliable thermoelectric coolers are the low maintenance choice for remote and hard to access areas. TECA air conditioners only ever need occasional cleaning of dust or debris off the external heat sink fins. Now, accessing the heat sink is even simpler with our innovative Pivot Clean design. The end user can simply open the external housing without having to remove it from the air conditioner. TECA air conditioners with Pivot Clean are available for NEMA-12, NEMA-4, NEMA-4X and CID2 enclosures. Cooling capacities with Pivot Clean range from 200 to 1100 BTU/hr.


picot clean
Currently, Pivot Clean is available on the following models:
AHP-450 (210 BTU/hr)
AHP-470 (315 BTU/hr)
AHP-570 (305 BTU/hr)
AHP-590 (460 BTU/hr)
AHP-690 Click here to see press release
AHP-1200 VAC input (530 BTU/hr)
AHP-1200 VDC input (530 BTU/hr)
AHP-1200 CID2 (530 BTU/hr)
AHP-1800 VAC input (1100 BTU/hr, pictured)
AHP-1800 VDC input (1100 BTU/hr)
AHP-1800 C1D2 (1100 BTU/hr)

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