New AHP-4200 Series thermoelectric enclosure cooling system

Continuing its industry leadership TECA introduces the AHP-4250 family of thermoelectric air conditioners. The AHP-4250 family boasts a capacity of 3600 BTU/HR, the highest performance commercially available thermoelectric air conditioner in the world. Styles from the Green Zone side of the family have efficiencies approaching 100%. Both styles come standard with TECA’s unique Eco-Mode TC-4F control which helps save energy by limiting the need for active cooling from the thermoelectric modules when it’s not needed.

1000 - 1500 Watts
1000 – 1500 Watts

The AHP-4250 has a centrally-located power input cord, mounting gasket, large bolting flange and robust hardware which provide easier, user-friendly installation. A proprietary condensate control system is part of the design allowing the user to mount in any orientation or location on the enclosure. Construction is of stainless steel and aluminum. There is also less intrusion into the enclosure as compared to competing thermoelectric air conditioners.

world’s 1st 3600 BTU thermoelectric air conditioner

A temperature controller is built into each air conditioner, whether it is a cool-only or heat/cool configuration. The Eco-Mode set point is 25C, active cooling set point is 35C and in heat/cool configurations, the heat set point is 10C. Heating is achieved via reverse polarity of the thermoelectric modules.
The AHP-4250 series is available in normal and Green Zone styles. All have versions available with industrial grade or military grade sealed fans as needed, to serve a variety of environments. Various input voltages are available and customization is possible.

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