New AHP-6200 Series high capacity air conditioner

TECA Corporation introduces the AHP-6200 series, the newest member of our “Green Zone” air conditioners, offering up to 5,200 BTU/HR of thermoelectric cooling performance! This is the highest performance, commercially available thermoelectric air conditioner in the world, offering almost 60% more performance than the largest competing model. This achievement, combined with the high standard of Green Zone efficiency ratings, will allow for the broader use of thermoelectric air conditioners in many industries.


TECA’s exclusive temperature control with Eco-Mode combines the efficiencies of a heat exchanger with the robust, heat/cool power of thermoelectric modules. The energy-saving Eco-Mode begins passive cooling at 25 C; active cooling begins at 35 C and heat/cool versions will heat at 10C.
The AHP-6200 has a centrally-located power input cord, mounting gasket, large bolting flange and robust hardware which provide easier, user-friendly installation. A proprietary condensate control system is part of the design allowing the user to mount in any orientation or location on the enclosure. Construction is of stainless steel and aluminum.
The AHP-6200 is currently available with industrial grade or military grade sealed fans as needed, to serve a variety of environments. 120 or 240 VAC input voltage is available and customization is possible.

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