Protecting Investments with Thermoelectric Cooling

?TECA coolers save automated sorting equipment from overheat failure:

TECA Model AHP-1202XEHC is out in the automation field by the hundreds, reliably cooling sorting equipment. Easily one of TECA’s most popular legacy products, the AHP-1202XEHC is a great design with a lot to offer. Maintaining NEMA-4/4X enclosures in high ambient conditions and in tough, industrial settings, the AHP-1202XEHC is yet an affordable solution. In the example shown here, our customer chose to buy from TECA for a long-term project, supporting recycling centers with automated sorting machinery. The sorting system is state of the art, using new technology which requires thermal management.

Thermoelectric Cooling TECA coolers cooling sorting equipment

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Wind Turbine:

wind turbine

The applications for AHP-1802XE’s are Vestas wind turbines, one located in Greece and one in the south of Japan.

“We are installing sensitive measurement equipment, and need to control the inside temperature of the measurement panel. One panel is in each of the rotors in the hub and the two others are in the nacelles (rotating and non rotating). We have just decided to make the two panels into one in the nacelle (where the panel in not rotating).”

Cooling Variable Frequency Drives

Steel Mill Enclosure Cooling:

A major steel company has multiple equipment enclosures, housing 4 variable frequency drives (VFD) each, to control their industrial cranes. The high temperature in the steel mill was causing excessive shutdowns. Compressor-based air conditioners could not survive the electrical enclosures’ harsh ambient environment on the overhead cranes. The only input power available was a widely varying 250 VDC, which complicated things. TECA successfully and affordably customized a flush-mounted (external to enclosure) thermoelectric air conditioner to meet the customer’s needs.

Cooling Variable Frequency Drives   Steel Mill Enclosure Cooling

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Ruggedized Military Application:

ruggedized military application

Sometimes it just takes a long time to get to the heart of a problem. AHP-1200X “quick quote” for two thermoelectric air conditioners came into our sales team. It was responded to and followed up. The application was reviewed, a quote was made and an order placed.

Only after did we learn that the hard requirements they were looking for were:

  1. Dual adjustable temperature control (heat and cool)
  2.  28 VDC operation and
  3. Military environment.

Fortunately the selections within TECA’s enclosure air conditioner family are large. The military Contractor borrowed a unit from TECA’s loaner stock and based on that success, placed an order. It was then that we found a problem.

It seems that the application was to cool some sensitive electronics out on a 200 meter DC input which caused droop in the input which in turn caused a ringing in the circuits. The new digital monitors being used were susceptible while the older tube monitors had no issue.

Working with the customer it was determined that by changing the controller to a ruggedized PWM controller all problems were solved.




Video cameras needed to function in an environment beyond their rated temperature range.

One of our customers wanted to position cameras to observe a process from a location not safe for operators to go. The customer is a rubber manufacturer and the camera location was too hot for the cameras to work in. The customer had the cameras, but had no suitable enclosure, or cooling apparatus.

TECA adapted a tiny air conditioner based on Model AHP150XE to mount to a standard commercial enclosure. The package was completed by retrofitting the cameras with insulation and special cooling units. The design satisfied our customer’s needs to a “T”.


Long-Term Communications Cooling

communications cooling communications cooling


A common use for thermoelectric air conditioners is the cooling of electronics cabinets.

These photos show an outdoor communications cabinet being cooled with a system of TECA air conditioners that have been customized for the end user. The units photographed here are over 12 years old, a testament to the reliability of TECA’s thermoelectric air conditioners.

Also worth mentioning is the lack of maintenance that thermoelectric air conditioners require. With no moving parts except for the fans, no filters to change and no chemical coolants, TECA air conditioners are an ideal and environmentally friendly solution for remote areas.

FHP-3250 Series

Large Capacity Thermoelectric Air Conditioner

Large Capacity Thermoelectric Air Conditioner 1978 BTU/HR (580 watts) Enclosure Cooling, 48 VDC or 120 VAC Input with Power Save Mode:

Cool NEMA-12 enclosures, NEMA-4 enclosures and NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment enclosures with the thermoelectric FHP-3250-Series. This advanced Peltier-driven air conditioner will maintain both efficient cooling and the NEMA rating of your enclosure. The flush-mounted design of the FHP-3250 is ideal for control cabinets with little to no room for added equipment. The ECO-Mode temperature control feature helps save on power use. Designed to protect control cabinets, thermoelectric cooling technology (a.k.a. Peltier) is reliable and low-maintenance. Cool controls, electrical equipment, enclosures, and other heat sensitive equipment. Ideal for indoor or outdoor environments.

Protect your equipment from failure due to overheating. Choose low maintenance thermoelectric enclosure coolers from TECA for superior performance and reliability.

  • Mounting Style:Flush Mounted Voltage: 120 VAC, (48 VDC)
    Current: 7.0 AMPS, (22 AMPS)
    Operating Ambient: -40/+70 °C
    Operating Enclosure: -10/+60 °C
    Environments: Nema-12, Nema-4, Nema-4X/Harsh Environment

    Performance Rating:
    Cooling (Traditional):
    1978 BTU/HR
    Cooling (Din 3168): 580 WATTS
    Cooling COP (at L35 L35): 0.7
    Heating (Traditional): >2780 BTU/HR
    Heating (Din 3168): >815 WATTS
    Heating COP: >1.0

    • Power supply
    • Temperature controller
    • Power saving heat exchanger mode (ECO-Mode)
    • Mounting gasket
    • Mounting hardware
    • Power input cord
    • Circuit breaker

    Controller Features:
    TC-4F: Active cool 35 °C; ECO-Mode 25 °C
    TC-7F: Active cool 35 °C; Active heat 15 °C; ECO-Mode 25 °C

  • Click on the part numbers to request a quick quote:
    Cool onlyTC-4F1207NEMA-12, IP 52
    Cool only3-32 VDC External signal1207NEMA-12, IP 52
    Heat/CoolTC-7F1207NEMA-12, IP 52
    Heat/Cool3-32 VDC External signal1207NEMA-12, IP 52
    Cool onlyTC-4F1207NEMA-4/4X, IP 56
    Cool only3-32 VDC External signal1207NEMA-4/4X, IP 56
    Heat/CoolTC-7F1207NEMA-4/4X, IP 56
    Heat/Cool3-32 VDC External signal1207NEMA-4/4X, IP 56
    Cool onlyTC-4F1207NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment, IP 56
    Cool only3-32 VDC External signal1207NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment, IP 56
    Heat/CoolTC-7F1207NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment, IP 56
    Heat/Cool3-32 VDC External signal1207NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment, IP 56
    Cool onlyTC-4F(48)22NEMA-12, IP 52
    Cool only3-32 VDC External signal(48)22NEMA-12, IP 52
    Heat/CoolTC-7F(48)22NEMA-12, IP 52
    Heat/Cool3-32 VDC External signal(48)22NEMA-12, IP 52
    Cool onlyTC-4F(48)22NEMA-4/4X, IP 56
    Cool only3-32 VDC External signal(48)22NEMA-4/4X, IP 56
    Heat/CoolTC-7F(48)22NEMA-4/4X, IP 56
    Heat/Cool3-32 VDC External signal(48)22NEMA-4/4X, IP 56
    Cool onlyTC-4F(48)22NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment, IP 56
    Cool only3-32 VDC External signal(48)22NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment, IP 56
    Heat/CoolTC-7F(48)22NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment, IP 56
    Heat/Cool3-32 VDC External signal(48)22NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment, IP 56
  • Click to download:

    Solid Model files:
    TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize

    Fhp 3200 9:17 am 09/01/201619.2M

    Fhp 3200 9:17 am 09/01/2016665.8k

    Fhp 3200 9:17 am 09/01/20163.8M

    Fhp 3200 9:18 am 09/01/201612.6M

    Fhp 3200 9:16 am 09/01/20164M
  • Part NumberDescriptionDrawingData Sheet
    EH-2001200 Watts Enclosure heater
    120 VAC
    EH-2002200 Watts Enclosure heater
    240 VAC
    EH-4001400 Watts Enclosure heater
    120 VAC
    EH-4002400 Watts Enclosure heater
    240 VAC
    D-100Condensate discharge, plasticpdf
    D-200Condensate discharge, ST.ST.pdf

• High capacity thermoelectric design
• Power saving air to air heat exchanger mode (ECO-Mode)
• Heavy duty full perimeter mounting
• No intrusion into enclosure
• Central input cord for easy mounting
• Closed loop design
• Condensate control and evaporation system
• Increased efficiency at higher ambients
• Virtually maintenance free
• No compressor
• Environmentaly friendly and safe
• Stainless Steel exterior housing
• Mounts and operates in any orientation
• Integral temperature controller
• Weight 93 LBS.


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