Hazardous Environment:

hazardous environment

A custom design solution based on a standard thermoelectric air conditioner AHP-1801X was developed to meet European hazardous environment specification (ATEX) for a customer that was in need of such a system in a very short time.


Military Application:


The 2.4 Meter Mobile SATCOM Tactical Terminal (MSTT) is a lightweight, stand alone, trailer-mounted tri-band SATCOM terminal available to support worldwide, quick deployment satellite communications through military and commercial satellites.

It also uses a customized version of the solid state air conditioner AHP-1801X. It was designed and qualified for worldwide operation in tactical military environments.

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Test

Outdoor Electronics Enclosure Cooling:

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Test Outdoor Electronics Enclosure Cooling


TECA Model AHP-1800XEHC Thermoelectric Air Conditioner with heat and cool functions is installed on a rooftop enclosure in harsh conditions and exposed to extreme ambient temperatures. Testing for over 90,000 hours was successfully completed with no failures occurring on the AHP-1800XE enclosure cooler. This is a good example of the reliable nature of thermoelectric technology. Thermoelectric cooling is a good choice for enclosures that are in remote or hard-to-access places. There is very little maintenance required as it is a solid-state technology. The only moving parts are the fans.

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Intermodal Control Cooling

Intermodal Control Cooling:

intermodal control cooling

Intermodal systems are increasingly upgrading to automate their processes. Where there is automation, there is a need for control cooling. TECA supports automation by protecting crucial electronics in control cabinets. This minimizes process time and maximizes productivity.

In this example, heat-sensitive electronics are installed in truck processing terminals. TECA Model AHP-1800XEHC offers heat and cool modes and keeps the equipment within safe and operable temperatures.

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Cooling Variable Frequency Drives

Steel Mill Enclosure Cooling:

A major steel company has multiple equipment enclosures, housing 4 variable frequency drives (VFD) each, to control their industrial cranes. The high temperature in the steel mill was causing excessive shutdowns. Compressor-based air conditioners could not survive the electrical enclosures’ harsh ambient environment on the overhead cranes. The only input power available was a widely varying 250 VDC, which complicated things. TECA successfully and affordably customized a flush-mounted (external to enclosure) thermoelectric air conditioner to meet the customer’s needs.

Cooling Variable Frequency Drives   Steel Mill Enclosure Cooling

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Coal Analysis:

coal analysis

A customer required a constant temperature to keep his detectors working in a coal analysis application. Due to experiencing failures with a competitor’s air conditioner, the customer reached out to TECA.

The solution was TECA’s FHP-1501XEHC Model, a versatile thermoelectric air conditioner offering heating and cooling as well as dual voltage: 120 or 240 VAC input. Built with an industrial grade sealed fan and components, the FHP-1501XEHC is suitable for NEMA-4 enclosures.

Air Conditioners 0-340 BTU/HR (0-100 Watts)

Thermoelectric air conditioners with cooling capacities of up to 340 BTU/HR:

TECA’s thermoelectric air conditioners can heat or cool electrical cabinets and enclosures. Electronics panel cooling or heating in applications requiring up to 100 watts cooling capacity can be ideally served by the products on this page. Every product series on this page (except FHP-451) has the power saving “Eco-Mode” feature available. Eco-Mode is a passive cooling mode which uses significantly less energy in low demand times. Eco-Mode can reduce the need for active cooling and thereby can reduce the cost of operation of TECA’s efficient thermoelectric cabinet coolers.

TECA’s Peltier (thermoelectric) air conditioners cool and protect electronics and cool and heat enclosures in a variety of industries. Some examples that use the products on this page include communications and transit boxes, outdoor control panels, security camera housing, industrial electronics enclosures, incubators, gloveboxes, and more.

thermoelectric air conditioners
AHP-250 Series
130 Btu/Hr
12 VDC, 24 VDC
Through Mounted

Peltier air conditioner
AHP-270 Series
160 Btu/Hr
12 VDC, 24 VDC
Through Mounted

FHP-250 Series
109 Btu/Hr
12 VDC, 24 VDC
Flush Mounted

FHP-270 Series
140 Btu/Hr
12 VDC, 24 VDC
Flush Mounted

compact TEC
AHP-470 Series
324 Btu/Hr
24 VDC
Through Mounted

enclosure cooler
FHP-470 Series
273 Btu/Hr
24 VDC
Flush Mounted
electronics cabinet cooler
FHP-451 Series
307 Btu/Hr
120 VAC, 240 VAC
Flush Mounted
thermoelectric cooling
IHP-470 Series
228 Btu/Hr
24 VDC
Internal Mounted
kiosk cooler
IHP-590 Series
314 Btu/Hr
24 VDC
Internal Mounted


The solid-state construction is the perfect low-maintenance solution for hard-to-access areas. There are no filters to change and no moving parts except for the fans. Our air conditioners use robust thermoelectric modules and boast a long service life.

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Mounting Styles:
AHP - Through Mounted
The through mounted (AHP) enclosure coolers will intrude a few inches into and out of the enclosure

FHP - Flush Mounted
The flush mounted (FHP) air conditioners will mount totally external to the enclosure

IHP - Internal Mounted
The internal mounted (IHP) air conditioners will mount completely internal to the enclosure

IHP-690 install


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