Chilling Process Ink:

Here’s the way they’re all supposed to work:
September: Initial contact: Need help sizing unit that can maintain a liquid temperature between 25 °C – 35 °C in ambient conditions of 15 °C – 40° C. I need a unit for testing ASAP. In conjunction with sizing a chiller, I am also trying to size a heat exchanger. I need chiller flow rate and output temperature. Please call to discuss details.

thermoelectric liquid chiller liquid chiller chilling process ink

Results: The application was for controlling the ink temperature in a very high speed, continuous inkjet and commercial printing system scheduled for release in 1st quarter of 2009. The initial purchase was for retrofit of approximately 30 in house test systems. Production quantities for the first year were in the 100 – 200 range. In 2010 another product was released where quantities were substantially higher. Conversations with the customer, quick engineering tests and evaluations, loaner recommended, loaner ordered and shipped. October: Customer testing of the loaner leading to more conversations, drawings….

We were set up and had begun testing [the loaner]. Everyone that had seen the unit was quite impressed with the performance. Typically, around here, when the level of excitement increases the schedule gets compressed. A prototype was designed “I just got feedback from the top that I’m taking the right approach with ThermoElectrics. Instead of proceeding with 2 prototypes I’ve been told to go forward with 10 or more. Please modify your quote for 10, 15 & 20 units.” and ordered.

November: Prototypes shipped, design and testing for production continued.

December: Testing was satisfactory, design was completed and first production order was received.

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