Seaside Cooling is Worth its Salt

New Defense System Utilizes Thermoelectric Cooling:

The most powerful thermoelectric cooler available anywhere, TECA Model AHP-6263X, is used by an R&D team to protect new defense technology in a truly harsh environment. Located seaside, the air conditioner AHP-6263X will endure daily exposure to salt spray, high ambient temperatures, humidity, and a high active heat load from the equipment it is protecting.

defense system thermoelectric cooling Seaside Cooling

The team specifies TECA’s military-grade fans, which are tested to Mil-Std 810 Shock & Corrosion (salt spray, blowing sand). The most robust fans on the market combine with the thermoelectric modules which boast the highest performance, efficiency, and reliability data. The AHP-6263X is an ideal solution for this type of project. TECA’s largest enclosure cooler combines our 30+ years of experience in thermoelectric cooling design. We use components, assembly practices, and designs which we know maximize the potential of thermoelectric cooling technology. The result is this incredibly reliable and yet rugged air conditioner, which offers nearly a half-ton of cooling to protect a naval defense system in the toughest of conditions.

With low maintenance requirements and a long service life, the cost of ownership is significantly low compared to traditional cooling methods. To learn more about TECA’s enclosure coolers, please contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales and engineering personnel are glad to offer sizing assistance and answer your questions. Ph: 773-342-4900.

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