Internally Mounted, AC Input Air Conditioner

TECA Launches line of internally mounted, AC-input Air Conditioners:

The IHP-2259 is TECA’s first internally-mounted thermoelectric air conditioner with universal 100-240 VAC input.

TECA Internal Mount enclosure coolers (IHP Series) mount completely inside the enclosure, perfect for applications requiring no protrusion into the ambient environment.  The IHP-2259 joins the IHP Series of air conditioners as the first to offer universal input, 100-240 VAC.  Its cooling capacity is the largest of the IHP Series coolers, at 1,050 BTU/hr.  Other IHP Series enclosure coolers accept 24 VDC input and span from 155-390 BTU/hr. Thermoelectric cooling is a reliable and maintenance free way to protect electronics and equipment.

The IHP-2259 is suitable for NEMA-12 and NEMA-4 enclosures.

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