Largest Cold Plate Surface

New Cold/Hot Plate with Largest Plate Surface to Date:

TECA now offers a 690 watt product with a 13.3 x 20.3 inch flat plate surface for heating and cooling. See New, Even Larger AHP-5400CPV!

largest cold plate surface
The AHP-2700CPV is the newest and now largest product in TECA’s family of versatile laboratory cold/hot plates. For applications where cooling or heating with direct contact is appropriate, the AHP-2700CPV has a flat, smooth, cleanable work space.  The plate surface can be built with tapped holes per end user’s requirements.  Accessories such as remote sensors, plate covers, glass surface for dissection and more are available.

Thermoelectric cooling and heating technology means the AHP-2700CPV is reliable and maintenance free. Useful for tissue dissection, reagent cooling, lab sample cooling or heating and pain research, among other lab applications. Industrial uses may include quality control and production processes. As with all of TECA’s versatile laboratory cold/hot plates (“CPV” products), the AHP-2700CPV can heat of cool with precision. A tunable PWM temperature controller is integral and includes helpful features such as communications, ramp/soak profiles, both internal and external sensing and variable fan speed for quieter operation.

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