Here’s another example of an AHP-1200CP thermoelectric cooler plate (Peltier cooler plate) used in a manufacturing station. The adjustable feet provide vertical flexibility in lining up the cold plate with the workstation. Parts slide easily from the hot plate to the work surface to the cold plate.


Medical Laboratory:

medical laboratory cooling histology samples cooling histology tissue samples

Department of histology in a major hospital needed a peltier cold plate to freeze tissue samples for examination. The Histology Division of the Department of Pathology places tissue samples from biopsies into a small block and fills it with wax. Several of these samples are then placed on one of the AHP-1200CP thermoelectric cold plates (Peltier cold plates) to “pull the heat” out of the wax so it gets really hard.

The near-frozen samples are then shaved down to the desired section (slice) using a Microtome (in picture). The thin sections are then placed in the water bath to warm up the remaining wax in order to remove it and then place the section on a slide for examination.


Cooling LED Chips:

cooling led chips

The customer was looking for a cooling solution for LED chips. With a heat load as high as 45 watts at times, the customer needed to cool the chips quickly. The customer was able to utilize TECA’s Loaner Program and test the AHP-301CP cold plate before purchasing.

Satisfied with the AHP-301CP performance, the customer has since purchased several more and sold them as a part of his total system to his clients.

The AHP-301CP series is replaced by the newer and updated AHP-401CP series.


Canadian Fog Box:

Below are few pictures of the “Canadian Fog Box” that our customer constructed using TECA’s AHP-300CP cold plates, power supply, and TC-3400 PID controllers.

canadian fog box canadian fog box


The interior of the box is covered with mirror finished aluminum to reflect the ultraviolet rays from the bulb in the bottom. The top is normally closed as well. The interior ambient temperature of the box is maintained @ 122 °F. subjecting the 2 insulated glass units (laying at a 45° angle) to intense UV radiation similar to strong sunlight. The upper portion of the glass is chilled to 70 °F. by your cold plates. This is maintained for 1 week 24 hours/day.

The insulated glass unit is then inspected for any condensation inside where the cold plates contacted the glass. Any condensation indicates impurities present inside the unit, which indicated faulty materials containing volatile gasses, which would lead to premature window unit failure.

Any other ‘fog boxes’ use water flow cold plates to maintain temperatures. Our customer during a research found TECA’s cold plates and decided to give them a try to eliminate the hassle and mess of water plates.

The thermoelectric cold plates (Peltier cold plates) have performed excellently to date, reaching and maintaining the 70 °F. quickly and without incident.


Liquid Cooled Cold Plate:

liquid cooled cold plate

Our customer asked for a quote on delivery and price for the LHP-800CPHC. He then asked if we had a liquid cooled version of the AHP-1200CPHC (15″ x 7.3″ plate)? The product had been in the works but on the back burner. This customers request pulled it to the front.

We offered an LHP1200CP. It would be liquid cooled with 15 x 7.3 cold plate requiring 24 VDC input. The customer later set it up with a water pump and a radiator/fan arrangement to provide a recirculation cooling water path rather than connecting to the tap and sending it down the drain.


Cold Probe Medical Application:

cold probe

A Medial Doctor was interested in a Peltier based “Cold Probe” to anesthetize the skin prior to treatment. He wanted an instrument that ran on batteries based around the Otoscope or the Ophthalmoscope with interchangeable heads. It was a medical application, a prototype and a long shot one at that.

He came to TECA with some rather limiting criteria to do a big job considering the load human skin presents. We did our best and gave the good Doctor his cold probe. We designed it, packaged it, powered it and built it. But not many folks really needed it. Not a complete market success but a technical one.


Portable Medicine Cooler:

Portable medicine cooler needed for carrying emergency intravenous solutions, all components must be enclosed within the case. TECA designed a custom thermoelectric (peltier) based cold plate built into a Pelican™ Box.

portable medicine cooler portable medicine cooler box


TECA is developing this product for a new customer. We have taken a standard Pelican™ Box and configured a battery powered thermoelectric cooling system which is installed totally inside. This cooled box is for the purpose of transporting up to 4 liters of emergency intravenous solutions safely.

There are fitted compartments inside as well for transporting other necessary items for patient care. Since nothing is exposed or protruding from the box, our customer has ended up with a good looking and very rugged, functional thermoelectric product.


Fluid Dispensing:

fluid dispensing

A leading manufacturer of fluid dispensing systems uses one of our Thermoelectric Cold Plate and Temperature Controller for controlling the fluid temperature of adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other materials in meter, mix and dispensing systems.
Unlike other larger, higher cost and less accurate heating and cooling devices, which use heater cartridges, refrigerant or water to heat and cool, these thermoelectric-effect temperature controllers use the Peltier-Seebeck effect to directly convert electrical voltage to thermal differentials. This effect, which is reversible, either heats or cools fluid materials with precision to the temperature set point. The compact Peltier thermoelectric device, temperature sensor and the temperature control is mounted to a manifold where the fluid passes through to be precisely heated, maintained or cooled.


Welcome to TECA Corporation!

We specialize in climate control of electronics enclosures and process temperature control in laboratories and industry. Since 1984, TECA has maximized the inherent advantages of thermoelectric technology to offer products of unmatched quality with innovative features. Please contact us regarding your thermal management needs.

Click the photos to view the case study. Many more on our “Applications” web page:

M.B., L-3 Communications

Your company is doing very well in our Vendor Quality & Delivery evaluation system (100 % quality and 99% delivery) and I really appreciate it. Thanks again for your assistance.

M.B., L-3 Communications

B.E., Norcimbus OEM

Before we used TECA products, we had half a dozen failed units over in China that my boss had to fix. I’m talking chillers that have only been in service for less than 4 months. In all, there have been at least ten of them go bad over the years. Some of the current orders we have with you are replacement units for the failed ones. We love your products. You are putting the competition to shame. Keep up the good work.

B.E., Norcimbus OEM

T.W., Cerex

“It’s been very good dealing with you on these various projects. I appreciate working with you.”

T.W., Cerex

D.D., Lockheed Martin

Our main focus is receiving a high quality product, which your company always delivers.

D.D., Lockheed Martin

R.Z., Penumbra

It beats the heck out of the system that is currently being used…This thing is working beautifully. Everyone is most impressed. Thanks!!!

R.Z., Penumbra

D.D., Applied Signal Technology, Inc.

We’ve already done some test runs with the TLC-900 and it works wonderfully. We are very pleased with its performance and features. Thank you for a well made product.

D.D., Applied Signal Technology, Inc.

J.C., Falcon Analytical

“Our customer did Factory Acceptance Testing yesterday… This is FANTASTIC and it is THANKS TO YOU. This is the fastest project in my 45 years in the business. Thank you.”

J.C., Falcon Analytical

G.B., Cygnus Satellite

Thanks to you and TECA for the efforts and support you have provided for this project…we will be standardizing on your Air Conditioner units going forward.

G.B., Cygnus Satellite

K.V., Thales Group

Our company recently ordered 2 RLC-1800 chillers…I’m very positive about the chiller! The chiller is plug and play and very easy to use!
Also the performance is very good. So, in short words, a very good chiller.

K.V., Thales Group


I’m writing to let you know the controllers are spot on!!
Thank you for helping us with this project. We appreciate the way you guys stepped up to help make this project go smoother. Well done!


M.H. California Institute of Technology

About 20 years ago, [TECA was] recommended to us. Over the years, I have purchased 3 units…Two were removed after ~9 years of flawless service and [one unit] is still working (outdoors!) after ~15 years of service.

M.H. California Institute of Technology
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