Robotics Application:


An industrial plant uses robots in its juicing and bottling process. The robots continuously overheat and shut off. The environment is dirty and 240 VAC is the only available input voltage.

TECA’s AHP-1801X Air Conditioner offers dual voltage capability and a rugged hot side fan that can handle NEMA-4X and corrosive environments. The customer is able to use the built-in temperature controller to keep his robots at a cool 25 °C.


Food Processing:

food processing food processing


A European manufacturer of special equipment for processing fruits and vegetables needed to cool sensitive electronics on their line of produce-processing machines, which sort products by color, size and weight.

TECA Model AHP1200XE solid state air conditioners were selected.

The equipment in use is washed down frequently, so the Model AHP1200XE is ideal because it is designed to meet NEMA 4 and suitable for wash-down environments, while it also carries the CE Mark.


Lab Measurement Equipment:

lab measurement equipment

A world’s leading international supplier of equipment, controls and parts to glass container industry uses the peltier air conditioner model FHP-750XE in a statistical sampling and lab measurement product.

A MiniLab Automatic Sampling installation works in conjunction with the production’s online inspection equipment and a Factory Process Control System. The MiniLab Controller communicates to the Process Control System which then sends a container “request” to upstream online inspection systems equipped with mold number readers. The “requested” containers are transferred to the MiniLab sampling conveyor using container ware selectors. With broad-based expertise in glass container forming, glass conditioning, gob forming, ware handling, cold end inspection, refractory parts and quality assurance, the company’s machines and systems are established as standard products worldwide.

The FHP-750 has been working fine for them for years. Reasons for its selection are its reliability and ability to operate in high ambient temperatures.


Electronics Enclosure Cooling:

electronics enclosure cooling

Customer plans to use the TEC unit to regulate the temperature of some electronics in an outdoor enclosure. The electronics will be mounted to a cold plate where they can be cooled by direct contact with the TEC. The walls of the enclosure will be insulated to reduce thermal losses to the outside world. The hot side of the TEC will be in a separate, ventilated part of the enclosure to carry away waste heat. Customer will provide longitudinal air flow along the heat sink, so the built-in fan will not be necessary.

Originally considered using a solid-state air conditioner to cool the entire enclosure, but now prefers the direct-contact method for lower cooling requirements and smaller size. The active load that needs to be cooled is about 50 W. It will consist of a number of RF components (amps, sources, etc) mounted to a common cold plate. Several passive components will also be mounted to the plate. The whole temperature-controlled assembly will be insulated by an inch or so of foam or something similar. The ambient temperature range is roughly 0 to 100 °F at the extremes.


Aerospace Manufacturing:

liquid chiller for aerospace manufacturing application


To meet an Aerospace manufacturing customer requirement TECA sales and engineering team modified a standard model chiller to meet a highly specialized demand of the application, including liquid cooling, 24 VDC input and wall mounting. This recirculating liquid chiller was developed for a customer who needed something similar to the TECA LHP-300CP chiller; but it had to be a liquid cooled liquid chiller – it had to be 24 VDC input – and it had to be mounted on the wall!

The application is X-Ray inspection of aircraft engine parts. Temperature controlled water is circulated through a heat exchanger which is keeping photo diodes nice and cool, assuring quality X-Ray imaging.


Military Liquid chiller:

Here’s another custom military application by TECA.

Military grade liquid chiller


The United State Navy needed a liquid chiller to circulate coolant and also meet strict military requirements. TECA developed a custom thermoelectric liquid chiller using MIL rated components. This is a liquid chiller for circulating chilled coolant as part of a tracking system on a NAVY ship.

Note that the chilled liquid circuit is effectively “sandwiched“ between two heat sinks with rugged Mil 901 fans. Wiring and electrics are housed in a NEMA-4X enclosure with an O-ring gasket seal. This unit is rated for shipboard use in salt-spray, shock and vibration.

AHP-4252 High Capacity

High Performance Thermoelectric Cooler

High Performance Thermoelectric Cooler 3810 BTU/HR (1120 watts) For 240 Input, High Performance NEMA Enclosure Cooling:

NEMA-12/4/4X enclosures can be cooled with the AHP-4252-Series. It is an advanced Peltier-driven air conditioner. The thermoelectric enclosure cooler Model AHP-4252 will maintain both efficient cooling and the NEMA rating of your weatherproof enclosure. Its ECO-Mode temperature control feature helps save on power use. Increased efficiency at higher ambient temperatures by as much as 10% is possible. Designed to protect control cabinets, thermoelectric cooling technology is reliable and low-maintenance. Cool controls, electrical equipment, enclosures, and other heat sensitive equipment. Ideal for indoor or harsh, outdoor environments.

Protect your equipment from failure due to overheating. Choose low maintenance thermoelectric enclosure coolers from TECA for superior performance and reliability.

  • Mounting Style:Through Mounted Voltage: 240 VAC
    Current: 12.5 AMPS, 0.9 AMPS Eco-Mode
    Operating Ambient: -40/+70 °C
    Operating Enclosure: -10/+60 °C
    Environments: Nema-12, Nema-4, Nema-4X

    Performance Rating:
    Cooling (Traditional):
    3810 BTU/HR
    Cooling (Din 3168): 1120 WATTS
    Cooling COP (at L35 L35): 0.37
    Heating (Traditional): >12000 BTU/HR
    Heating (Din 3168): >3600 WATTS
    Heating COP: >1.0
    Heat Exchanger (ECO-Mode): 30 W/°C

    • Power supply
    • Temperature controller
    • Power saving heat exchanger mode (ECO-Mode)
    • Mounting gasket
    • Mounting hardware
    • Power input cord
    • Circuit breaker

    Controller Features:
    TC-4F: Active cool 35 °C; ECO-Mode 25 °C
    TC-7F: Active cool 35 °C; Active heat 15 °C; ECO-Mode 25 °C

  • Click on the part numbers to request a quick quote:
    Cool onlyTC-4FNEMA-12, IP 52
    Cool only5-32 VDC External signalNEMA-12, IP 52
    Heat/CoolTC-7FNEMA-12, IP 52
    Heat/Cool5-32 VDC External signalNEMA-12, IP 52
    Cool onlyTC-4FNEMA-4, IP 56
    Cool only5-32 VDC External signalNEMA-4, IP 56
    Heat/CoolTC-7FNEMA-4, IP 56
    Heat/Cool5-32 VDC External signalNEMA-4, IP 56
    Cool onlyTC-4FNEMA-4X, IP 56
    Cool only5-32 VDC External signalNEMA-4X, IP 56
    Heat/CoolTC-7FNEMA-4X, IP 56
    Heat/Cool5-32 VDC External signalNEMA-4X, IP 56
  • Click to download:

    Solid Model files:
    TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize

    AHP 4200 9:04 am 09/01/201633.8M

    AHP 4200 9:04 am 09/01/20165.7M

    AHP 4200 9:04 am 09/01/201624.6M

    AHP 4200 9:03 am 09/01/20164.8M

    Ahp 4200 9:04 am 09/01/20164.9M
  • Part NumberDescriptionFor use with air conditioner seriesDrawingData Sheet
    EH-2001200 Watts Enclosure heater
    120 VAC
    EH-2002200 Watts Enclosure heater
    240 VAC
    EH-4001400 Watts Enclosure heater
    120 VAC
    EH-4002400 Watts Enclosure heater
    240 VAC
    DVA-4200Drip pan, vertical cold side finsAHP-4200dwgpdf
    DHA-4200Drip pan, horizontal cold side finsAHP-4200dwgpdf
    D-100Condensate discharge, plasticpdf
    D-200Condensate discharge, ST.ST.pdf

• High capacity thermoelectric design
• Power saving air to air heat exchanger mode (ECO-Mode)
• Heavy duty full perimeter mounting
• Lower profile intrusion into enclosure
• Central input cord for easy mounting
• Closed loop design
• Condensate control and evaporation system
• Increased efficiency at higher ambients by as much as 10%
• Virtually maintenance free
• No compressor
• Environmentaly friendly and safe
• Stainless Steel exterior housing
• Mounts and operates in any orientation
• Integral temperature controller
• Weight 110 LBS.


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AHP-1800 Series

Thermoelectric Air Conditioner

Cooling Industrial and Military Enclosures NEMA-4/4X, NEMA-12, Hazardous Location CID2 & CID1, Harsh and Mil Duty 1098 BTU/HR (322 watts), AC or DC Input Voltage:

For cooling and heating NEMA-12/4/4X cabinets, the AHP-1800-Series is an important and incredibly popular legacy product for climate control. The AHP-1800-Series is a Peltier air conditioner designed to protect electronics equipment boxes from overheating. Thermoelectric cooling technology reliably cools (or heats) your enclosures to protect electronic controls, electrical equipment, control cabinets, and other heat sensitive equipment.

This thermoelectric cabinet cooler accepts 24 vdc, 48 vdc, 120 VAC and 240 VAC input. It can cool while maintaining environment ratings: NEMA-12/4/4X, Harsh/Mil Duty, and Hazardous Locations CID1/CID2. Protect against equipment failure due to overheating. Choose low maintenance TECA air conditioners for superior performance and reliable climate control.

• Compact, (18” L X 12.35” W X 9.69”D)
• Excels in high ambient temperatures
• Environmentally Safe
• Dual voltage versions available, consult factory.
• No compressor, fluorocarbons or filters
• Virtually maintenance-free operation
• Stainless steel exterior housing
• Versions to withstand corrosive environments,
shock and vibration
• Mounts and operates in any orientation
• Easy to use Pivot Clean feature
• Weight 52 LBS.
• Agency approvals: ETL Intertek


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